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Welcome to HG Architectural Design 

HG Architectural Design is increasing our clients from Easter 2024 as we help to work together

drawing their new design from new extensions to just needing plans drawn up or by helping  

businesses with backlogs ect, in the South of England, London, Surrey, Sussex, Hampshire, Kent  

Since 2020 we have built up our clients thought networking, pass the word around, advertising and

 supporting and working to together with our clients & business clients. Now we want to increace our     

 business futher and by doing this technology is getting more exciting and chalinging.

HG Architectural Design is looking forward to working with you in whatever shape or form you have in mind 

and with the cost of prices at the moment, we are still lower than you think. Our clients asking us how you 

keep the cost low for people like us who can afford what we want and for such a great service we provide.

Why, becouse we care about our clients and that we only need to charge what is in line with what our

clients ask us to carry out, no more then needed. Again, we only charge extra for like an OS Map if our 

clients requests for one. 

Keep up to date with HG Architectural Design here on our Facebook Page and LinkedIn

We will update you with more news when it comes soon in 2024 

 June,  2024

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